Personal Mind Mapping Workshop Launches in Asheville this March

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Jennifer Losch

Mind mapping is an ancient technique of drawing out problems, thoughts and ideas. Some of the oldest forms of mind mapping date back to the 3rd century, when the concepts of Aristotle were graphically recorded.Today, motivators in the self-help industry are finding new ways to use mind maps as a tool for creating greater personal awareness.

Local graphic facilitator Breah Parker has created a new self-discovery workshop that uses mind mapping to help participants see and reach their full potential, and she says - "break out of old, unproductive ways of thinking that hold people back." The ground breaking technique Parker uses, is part psychology, part self-help, part mind mapping. The workshop aptly dubbed "What's Right With Me?," teaches individuals a process of visual self-inquiry, that answers life's most perplexing questions..."Who am I?", "What's special about me?", "What do I want out of life?" and "How do I get it?"

Parker, who is also the creator of Verbal Remedies, author of Dare to Dream and TedX Asheville lead speaker, has been using her unique brand of self-help graphics to inspire others for over ten years. "What's Right With Me?" is the culmination of all her experience. The two hour workshop launches in Asheville this March with plans to tour cities nationwide later this year.


"What's Right With Me?" - Utilizes a unique process where participants are taught to sketch out the answers to 13 key questions. The exercise taps into hidden thoughts and feelings, then puts them into a visual framework that illustrates how ones beliefs either benefit them, or hold them back. The mind map that each participant creates unveils their full potential and inspires a greater appreciation for all things.

When: Sunday, March 16, 2013, 1:30-3:30pm

Where: Nourish & Flourish, 347 Depot Street, Suite 201, River Arts District Asheville

Cost: $35/per person

Space is Limted. Pre-Registration encouraged:


Contact: (828)545-6726

Breah Parker is a graphic facilitator, inspirational speaker, author, designer and illustrator, mom and grandmother. Breah has created graphic recordings for conferences, keynote speakers, seminars, workshops, and individuals, including author/teacher Marianne Williamson. For samples of Breah's work please visit or

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