Patsy Keever Endorsed By The Women's National Campaign Forum

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Patsy Keever, Democratic candidate for North Carolina House District 115 has been endorsed by the Women's Campaign Forum.

Founded in 1974, the Women's Campaign Forum is a non-partisan national network dedicated to achieving parity for women in public office. The organization works to advance women leaders at all levels of political participation and provides financial support to candidates it endorses.

Patsy Keever, a former three-term Buncombe County Commissioner, is challenging Democratic incumbent Bruce Goforth for the NC 115 House seat in the May 4 primary.

Keever was the Democrat nominee for the 11th Congressional U.S. House District in 2004. She has served as President of the Asheville-Buncombe League of Women Voters, Chair of the Criminal Justice Partnership Project and the Mountain Area Substance Abuse Prevention Board.

As the coordinator of last year's Asheville-Buncombe CROP Hunger Walk, Keever helped organize communities of different faiths to work together to help alleviate world hunger through an awareness and fundraising walk. She currently chairs the Buncombe County Library Board of Trustees and sits on the boards of CarePartners Health Services and Pack Place Education, Arts and Science Center.

Patsy Keever taught language arts and social studies at Enka Middle School for 16 years and has taught for a total of 25 years in various public schools. She served as the president of the district and local chapters of the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE).

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Drew Reisinger

Campaign Manager


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