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Alan Hall

I wanted to start a small blog to share the great places I love to haunt in Asheville. Most times I just sit and watch what is happening around me and just be in the moment. So, this is my first attempt to share this experience and hopefully help others find these great places in Asheville and experience them in a new way.

When I go to a place, or just walking around in the down town area, I try to be aware of what's going on around me. For example, when I'm at the coffee shop, I noticed the artwork on the wall. the people in the shop and might even listen in on just a little of the conversation. I have made some great connections over the years, and in some cases I see the same people over and over again, but never connected. I can't explain why I connect with some and not others, but there is always a familiarity with all of them.

My first pictures are my favorite morning coffee/bakery shop. You have to guess where it is, but it is a jewel in West Asheville!

The first picture is of a group of kids that met on a Saturday morning to have a "network" party. The parents are near by, and the kids immediately jumped on the free WiFi and got to work on the "reality" game. The interactions were great to watch and hear.

The next picture has some interesting folks. The first is a Mom standing over to the right with her newborn baby in a sling. So young and yet already out to the coffee/bakery shop! She had to stand to keep the baby satisfied, but she was able to enjoy her morning out. In this same picture kinda in the middle is a regular at this establishment. An older gentleman that has a regular social gathering.

The last picture is to show the art work on display. This artwork changes regularly from artist to artist. A treat to see what new art will be on display, and of course for sale!

That's it for my first post. More to come from other places, and probably from here again too!

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