Internet Privacy Is An Oxymoron: Best-Selling Tech Thriller Author EJ Simon to Visit Asheville Saturday November 8

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Donald Allen

On Saturday, November 8th between 2-4 pm, best-selling author EJ Simon will be at Asheville's Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar to sign copies of his new thriller Death Logs In.

"Battery Park Book Exchange loves supporting authors" said Kyle Sherard, manager of Battery Park Book Exchange, "we are thrilled to welcome him."

"In all honesty, signings can be boring - that Asheville offers a bookstore in a bar is brilliant" says Simon. "My books are tense reads, I include so many food and wine references because Ibelieve it helps lighten the book for the reader - so being at Battery Park Book Exchange and Wine Bar is a perfect fit.

Any reader of Simons novels knows, his first book Death Never Sleeps was a runaway best-seller, the author loves including food and drink in his narrative, of this Simon says, "although Death Logs In is commercial fiction, many of the themes are quite serious, such as murder, life and death, family relationships, corporate greed, and corruption in religious institutions. I purposely use food, wine, restaurants - and interesting locations to lighten up the story". Simon continues, "it's been my experience that many of the most important conversations that we have occur over dinner. Thats where we often hear about the major events in our lives."

Don't think the thrillers are all fluff, Kirkus Reviews doesn't call him "a master of nerve-wracking turns" for no reason, his books are tense and Death Logs In is no exception. This psychological and technological thriller is one of the only present day tech thrillers to have an artificial intelligence based protagonist - and that opens up a lot of storylines for Simon - one of which we are are concerned about - internet privacy. "Internet privacy is an oxymoron" Simon states, "I think the whole Edward Snowden affair has opened our eyes to the fact that our privacy is now history. Technology and terrorists have combined to create a world where virtually anything we do can be observed - and nothing can be erased. Terrorists have given our respective governments the rationale they need in order to watch us - and the advances in computer technology have given them unprecedented and unlimited access. We all live in a small town now - everyone knows everything about everyone."

Death Logs In will once again feature E.J. Simon's unforgettable protagonists, Michael Nicholas and his now virtual brother, Alex. The book's narrative takes place over a summer period, and from the first page, E.J's readers will feel the tension of this captivating story of family, crime, and technology. Readers will follow Michael and Alex Nicholas as they navigate a new landscape of corporate greed, underworld drama, and advances in artificial intelligence.

Head to Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar Saturday, November 8th from 2-4pm, to meet this pulse quickening writer.

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