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Desiree De Mars

A dynamic, juried exhibition embodying and celebrating the role of the honeybee at the Greenville Museum of Art North Carolina runs March 10 - April 8, 2012.

This project will consist of four different events, including a film and guest speakers and is centered on celebrating the role of the apis mellifera, commonly known as the honeybee.

The exhibition opening will take place on March 15 in the Upstairs Galleries.

This encaustic (beeswax/oi & tree resin) painting by Asheville artist Desiree DeMars will be on view along with other juried selections. For more information about encaustic painting or Desiree's work please visit the Wedge in the River Arts District of Asheville, Atelier Gallery or her website:

Content Source: gmoa.org/exhibitions/upstairs-galleries

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Desiree De Mars

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Home > Arts and Entertainment > Museums and Historic Sites

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