French Broad Chocolates Factory Opening

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Manny Figaro

French Broad Chocolates had the pre-opening for their brand new factory and tasting room on Thursday June 28, 2012. The Factory is located at 21 Buxton Street in Downtown Asheville. There was good food, a great live band and of course, amazing chocolate.

The Factory is a pleasant building painted in the Chocolate Lounge's well known light blue and brown colors. Free tours were given around the building for all the visitors who came to the event. At the new Factory, a new line of chocolate bars are going to be produced that include milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and other specialty bars. Located on the roof of the Factory was an interesting wooden machine. It is a solar powered cacao roaster designed by the owner of the Chocolate Lounge himself. The pre-opening of the French Broad Chocolates Factory was a great event that everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

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