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Rowan Farrell-Trombetta

"In my 6 months of weekly CranioSacral Therapy with Rowan I saw more healing take place for my chronic pain injuries than in the previous six years combined. I feel like the chains of traumatic experience that I had been carrying for many years have been broken.

During our sessions, I felt healing on both a physical and emotional level. The CST sessions both created space in my body for healing and provided a safe space in which I could respond to whatever arose. The sessions opened me up to places where I was holding onto past trauma and helped me to let go of those experiences.

Rowan is a respectful, gentle healer and a guide. Her sessions are both supportive and creative. Each session she responded to my emotional and physical state at that particular moment and molded treatment around my specific needs. I am grateful for the sessions we have had together." Dr. C.W., Hendersonville, NC

Cranial Sacral Therapy has been the most important healing tool I've discovered in my 28 year quest for healing. I myself am a Wholistic Practitioner and I can honestly say, if you only try one type of healing, choose Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) and choose Rowan. To date, I've had 24 sessions with Rowan and have experienced a renewed vitality and healing that has altered my life.

I still have more work to do with Rowan but now I have a loving relationship with my body. This isn't easy work but Rowan always makes it safe to go into those dark places that we avoid. -Donna Raymond, Hendersonville, NC

"Receiving bodywork from Rowan throughout my pregnancy was the single most healthful and affirming thing I did for myself. She is highly skilled, easily relaxing and rejuvenating my ever changing body. More importantly however, I felt honored and acknowledged as the Creatrix of Life while she lovingly and intentionally nourished my baby and I. All Mamas deserve this feeling."

- Sarah Wells, Mother of beautiful baby Isabella.

"In Rowans bodywork, I've experienced a feeling of fluidity that creates a space for the release of tensions and unnecessary holding patterns leaving me closer in touch with my well-being. Rowan not only listens with her hands but also with her heart"

- Pripo Teplitsky, Esalen Practitioner and Director of Heartshare Counseling Services

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Rowan Farrell-Trombetta

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Home > Mountain Living > Alternative Health Care

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