Comedy Central's Ben Kronberg at Lexington Avenue Brewery Thursday March 20th

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Matt Ward

Disclaimer Comedy welcomes comedian Ben Kronberg to Lexington Avenue Brewery Thursday March 20th at 8pm.

Ben Kronberg has been appearing in much larger venues much more frequently included last year recording his first Comedy Central Half Hour to a sold out crowd in Boston. Ben was featured on the web series Modern Comedians, documenting the life of comedians on stage and at home. He also just finished a run of shows at SXSW in Austin last week and is touring through the Southeast United States before flying to Los Angeles to audition for the new season of Last Comic Standing.

Ben's joke style is classic. He summons the deadpan delivery of Steven Wright and the one liner intellect of Mitch Hedberg. He also is musically gifted playing multiple instruments and even his iphone often while on stage.

Joining Ben at LAB will be Asheville's own Tom Scheve. Tom has worked very hard to grow the scene and will be the feature performer for the show. Along with Tom are Kelly Rowland, Jason Webb and Cary Goff.

Tickets are just $5 online plus service fee until a few hours before showtime or $8 at the door.

Ticket Link:

Thank you very much for reading this. We know this is coming in a little late but would gladly be able to connect you with Ben for an interview today or even over the weekend via email if needbe. Here are some clips from his standup special.

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