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The Devine Feminine is a subject not frequently addressed in our modern spiritual communities. In a previous time, nearly 10,000 years back, when Matriarchy was predominant on our planet in many areas of the world's peoples, it was the prevailing "deity of choice". Reaching back to those connections with a spirituality that embraces both the masculine and the feminine, numerous peoples have brought forth an honoring and calling-to the Goddess. A poem written by Doreen Valiente, and more recently revised by Starhawk, is the Charge of the Goddess.

Now, enter the Dances of Univesal Peace, created by American-born Sufi, Samuel Lewis. As he brought together the "hippie kids" from the streets of San Francisco in the late '60's & early '70's, his belief was that if we ALL "just eat, dance and pray together, we can create peace on earth....". Dances of Peace have become a world-wide spiritual movement, of sorts, that embraces ALL spiritual traditions. There are a minimum of 3 monthly DUP circles within the WNC/TN area, where folks from any or no spiritual path come together. Supported by live music,at least one dance leader, and using simple chants and songs from the world's many spiritual practices, they dance in the round. All movements and words are taught by the dance leader(s), who sometimes call this "body prayer".

The Charge of the Goddess poem as interpreted by Starhawk has been set to music and has been danced in the round by men and women around our country since Saraswati Rain in Colorado created the dance cycle. Being a DUP Dance Mentor and spiritual counselor, she visited and presented in the Asheville area twice in the past 2 years. Both times she offered the Charge of the Goddess cycle to those who attended.

Men and women alike are invited to attune to the power, compassion and immanent presence of the Divine Feminine in their own beings, and in the world. Please mark your calendar to join the circle of those who have been moved by this powerful Dances of Universal Peace cycle. The Charge of the Goddess returns to the Asheville area Sunday, October 5th, at 2:30p at the Town & Mountain Training Center, 261 Asheland Avenue.

Damira has been doing the Dances of Universal Peace since 1985; she became a dance leader while in Chile, SA, leading DUP there. The Charge of the Goddess cycle of dances has deeply moved her, since meeting up with it in Colorado. She is looking forward to sharing it again. All words, melodies and movements will be taught. Everyone is welcome, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Contact Damira for more information: or 828-246-4485.

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