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Angela Menius



Dear sir or madam

We have a problem and myself and my roommate have been given notice that our landlord is not going to renew our lease.  We have lived here for the past five and a half years and called it home.  We have to be out by May 31st. They are going to be doing major renovations and so they can raise the rent to a more market value they say.

We are two females, 55+ years old, on disability, and Patti has had a stroke and I have chronic back pain. 

For the last six months, we have been looking for a place to move to.  We need a 2 br 2 bth on the ground floor.  We have contacted the following:

                Housing authority- we make a little too much money to qualify

                Homeward Bound – called all the listings they gave us, the places are either on a waiting list, too high rent, or don't qualify               

                We have contacted all listings on Craig's list, all the newspapers, affordable housing listings, and we get the following response:  we make too much, the place is too much, they have already rented it, or they want a deposit immediately and we don't have it.  These are very few and far between. 

                We called the Eblin foundation, ABBCM, Adverts members no response, Swannanoa Ministries and they gave us a list and we called all of them, no luck.  I have put out flyers asking for help and we haven't gotten no response.                

                We are trying to get a USDA loan and we are waiting for an answer. I don't even know if our credit will allow us to even get a loan.  We were approved for a mobile home but, they wanted 25% down ($29,900) which we don't have and then the payments were $990 a month.  What!!!!  We are just getting by with paying $625 a month on this apartment.

                We need help!!!!  We have only until may 2016 to find a place and there are no places we can afford and they are just not available.  What are we to do?  We don't have any money, but if the apt is in good shape when we leave we will get our deposit back but that does not help us now.

We do not want to be put out in the street.  I spoke to the landlord for an extension if we can't get a place, he told me we have to be out on May 31st, he has workers coming in and are on a schedule.  So he will put us out.

PLEASE HELP US.  I know there must be others in the same situation we are in. We don't know what to do.  We are spinning our wheels calling all these places and keep getting told no.  I have called the news V station several times and explained our situation put no one calls me back. 

What are we to do keep calling and not get anywhere and end up on the street and loss everything we have?  We need the help of our community to help us and realize what disabled individuals are having to go through. We are terrified of what is waiting for us and scared we are going to get lost in a system that did not care to help their own.

Please help us

Thank you for your time  Angela Menius

Patti Blackwell  828-357-8483

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Shelia - Monday, April 11, 2016 @ 3:07:55 pm

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Shelia - Monday, April 11, 2016 @ 3:08:40 pm

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