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If you're in search of outdoor activities in Asheville, look no further than the high flying family fun at Asheville Treetops Adventure Park and Asheville Zipline Canopy Tours. Located just minutes from downtown Asheville, these scenic attractions offer a customizable adventure that's as unique as the city they're in.

Kids from age 7 to 107 can choose the course that best suits their appetite for adventure at Asheville Treetops Adventure Park. This new Asheville Attraction is comprised of 50 unique climbing, zipping, walking, jumping, swinging, and rappelling challenges anchored to over 30 trees and towering poles tucked into a wooded park on Resort Drive in Asheville. The Adventure Park offers four different trails that allow Park Guests the choice to challenge only the obstacles they feel comfortable with. Our challenges include zipline kayaking, snowboarding, hula hoop swinging, and many more unique elements that make this a "Truly Asheville Adventure".

While you explore the park you will move at your own pace and tackle challenges as an individual, instead of in a group, like the canopy tour experience. Think of it as ski slopes in the trees and a true "Jungle Gym" for all ages, strengths, and adventure levels.

The adventure park's "choose your own challenge" approach is made possible by new technology called "smart belays". These impressive apparatuses are design to assure safety at all times (as they can't be removed until you've returned safely to the ground) while still giving you the free mobility to take a variable route through the adventure park.

For guests 10 and over, Asheville Zipline Canopy Adventures offers high flying adventure on Western North Carolina's first urban canopy adventure. Just minutes from downtown Asheville, "flyers" will see scenic mountain views and be flying through tree-lined corridors as well as enjoy spectacular views of the Asheville skyline. After ground school you'll gain elevation to start the canopy adventure that includes 10 zipline sections, nine treetop platforms, three adventure tower platforms, three sky bridges, and ziplines from several hundred feet long to almost 1200 feet long. You'll reach heights of more than 70 feet and speeds of about 35 or 40 miles per hour.

Asheville Zipline Canopy Tours and Asheville Treetops Adventure Park offer combo passes for just $99 which allows guests to visit both parks and experience a full day of high flying fun. Both parks are operating on limited winter hours until March 3rd when they resume daily operations through the spring, summer, and fall months. If you're vacationing in Asheville this year, these attractions are truly a "see it to believe it" type of experience that should not be missed.

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