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Justin Belleme

Asheville Independent Restaurants (AIR) will celebrate a big evening of what makes Asheville a culinary destination beginning at 7 p.m. November 18 at The Venue. Not only will 30 talented chefs dazzle attendees at AIR's Taste of Asheville event, but it will also launch a new look, direction and focus for the organization.

Entry to the event is a bargain. Attendees will simply purchase AIR's new Taste of Asheville Passport, a coupon booklet representing over $600 in dining savings at AIR restaurants. Cost of the Passport is $50 per person and serves as a ticket to the Taste of Asheville. Couples will receive one Passport (and admission for two to the Taste of Asheville event) for $75.

Fans of Asheville's many independent restaurants will want to purchase a Taste of Asheville Passport, regardless of their ability to attend the November 18 event since the $600 in savings - a tremendous value - is good for one year. Passports are available at and at The Asheville Store in the Convention and Visitors Bureau at 36 Montford Avenue.

A portion of the proceeds from the evening ticket sales, as well as all proceeds from the silent auction will benefit AIR's Chefs of Tomorrow Scholarships for culinary students at AB-Tech.

"We have a lot to be excited about with the event this year," said AIR President Kevin Schwartz, "and we're eager to share our new direction and initiatives as an organization. I think our community will embrace our renewed commitment to Asheville as one of the nation's top culinary destinations."

Participating restaurants for the 2010 Taste of Asheville event are Bistro 1896, City Bakery, The Green Sage, Bouchon, Bouchon Street Food, Vinnie's Italian, Corner Kitchen, Gianni Panini, Mela, Frankie Bones, Laughing Seed, Tupelo Honey Cafe, Vincenzo's, Curras Nuevo Cuisine, French Broad Chocolate Lounge, Pomodoros, Blue Ridge Dining Room at Grove Park Inn, Sunset Terrace at Grove Park Inn, Horizons at Grove Park Inn, Jack of the Wood, Laurey's, Blue Water Seafood, Zambra, The Market Place, Pack's Tavern, Burgermeister's, Luella's Barbecue, Tingles Cafe, Sazerac, Mela and Lexington Avenue Brewery. The event features wines and beer from AIR industry partners.

For tickets, go to or visit the Asheville Convention and Visitors Bureau at 36 Montford Avenue

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