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As you travel down the streets of Asheville and through cozy cul-de-sacs and even gated communities, the beautiful homes you see are not necessarily traditional stick-built homes, but could very well be custom modular homes.

Modular homes have come a long way from the boxy, cookie-cutter bungalow of the 20th Century. With more floor plans and more styling and architectural details available, you would be hard-pressed to differentiate between a modular home from a traditional stick-built home. Today, custom modular homes in Asheville and elsewhere can be as simple as a traditional ranch or as luxurious as a spacious mansion. Custom modular homes come in a variety of layouts that can be modified to suit your individual taste.

Asheville Green Construction Experts Specialize in Modular Construction

Asheville residents have a longstanding proactive stance on protecting the environment. Modular home builders work constantly to develop greener, healthier and more efficient products. Most modular homes surpass federal EPA Energy Star requirements. Custom modular homes are also kinder to the environment because they create less construction waste. The factory recycles wood building materials by using them on other houses or to heat the factory.

Custom modular homes are engineered and assembled in a factory and then shipped, mostly complete, over roads and highways to be set on a foundation at your home's construction site. Modular homes are built in a controlled environment inside of a factory which means that work on your modular home can continue no matter what the weather outside. Modular homes can also be built within two weeks, which also saves time and money, as well as decreases the amount of time the homeowner must carry a construction loan.

Modular homes are also better to your financial bottom line and are available in a variety of layouts that you can customize to your specific taste. Just like everyone else, potential modular home owners in Asheville like to save money. Custom modular homes are known to be easier on the pocketbook. That's because modular companies buy materials in bulk and pass on the savings to consumers. Modular homes also take less time to build which helps to reduce labor costs.

What to know about Off-Frame Modular Homes

Potential off-frame modular homeowners should be pleased to know that modular homes have nearly 30 percent more building materials than a similar site-built home. And, when you combine custom appeal, attractive floor plans, superior energy efficiency, lower construction waste, quicker construction time and greater structural stability, a modular home is seemingly a wonderful long-term investment for homeowners in Asheville and throughout the nation.

The National Association of Home Builders Building System Council has a listing of modular home builders for the Asheville area for individuals considering the purchase of a custom modular home. Factory tours are available.

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Michael - Thursday, October 30, 2014 @ 1:47:41 am

I know this post is from the other year, but I had been looking for information on pre-fab homes and stumbled upon this. Question, is the cost of the transportation of these homes built into the price or is that a separate cost that the buyer needs to pay?

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