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Chef de Cuisine Duane Fernandes at Horizons at the Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa has implemented major changes recently, making the restaurant a generous, hospitable location for local guests. With the comfort and pleasure of WNC residents in mind, the restaurant is offering a 20% local discount every Tuesday & Wednesday. All one must do is show a valid WNC drivers license.

Chef Fernandes has also re-vamped the menu to offer a greater variety both in price and style. Where there was once a pre-fixed, condensed menu of a few of the Chef's selections, they now offer soup such as the Lobster Bisque, second course fare like the Ahi Tuna in Chilled Lemongrass Ginger Broth & of course a variety of savory dinner entrees. You can view the current menu here: Sample menu for Horizons.

While Horizons is and always will be an elegant dining experience, they have also dropped the dress code to allow diners to more fully relax & feel comfortable. They want the restaurant to feel like a peaceful getaway where you can really unwind and enjoy their award winning Chef's delectable presentations, the breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge Mountains right outside and perhaps a selection from the award winning wine list.

"We do all of this because we truly strive to create a full sensory dining experience for each and every one of our guests."
-Chef Fernandes, Executive Chef at Horizons

To share this transformation with WNC residents, Horizons has produced a new commercial, which introduces you to both Chef Fernandes and the head server at the restaurant. They discuss the feel of the dining experience; the unique, immaculate presentations from the chefs; and the experience and breadth of knowledge of the wait staff.

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Jo Anne Williams - Monday, February 10, 2014 @ 9:57:43 pm

I clicked on the link above for the sample menu at Horizons and the link does not work. Please send a sample menu. Thank you. Jo Anne

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