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Blue Ridge Mountains

The mountain valley of Asheville rests at the convergence of the Swannanoa and French Broad rivers. The Cherokee were the first to be charmed by this quaint dale which teemed with a special life and mystery. They beheld the natural beauty of the grandfatherly mountains, rejuvenating waters, and the clear yet smoky blue sky. It was the sky that caused them to name this the “Land of the Blue Smoke,” or the Smoky Mountains as we know them today.

Buncombe county is encircled by mountain chains with the Blue Ridge, Black Mountains, and Great Craggies neighboring its eastern portion, and the Appalachians and the Great Smokies adjoining its western portion.

Long Exposure Photo of a Beautiful Mountain Stream

Thank You, Contributors

A special thank you is due to historian Kevin Frazier of UNCA for his interview and guidance in creating this history as well as Harpers Ferry Center, Stock.xchng, The Library of Congress, and the Pack Memorial Library for their contributions with historical photographs.

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