Erica Stepanian – Publisher of Thread Magazine

Erica Stepanian

Erica has been an art enthusiast since elementary school and has been involved in writing and journalism for many years. It is only natural that she would be the one to supply the much needed contemporary art magazine for the budding art community of Asheville, North Carolina. Thread Magazine recently released its second issue. Its pages, like the previous issue, are filled with outstanding art from some of Asheville’s best up and coming artists.

Erica has lived all over the United States, Mexico, Spain and France and has worked with several publications over the years that have led her to where she is now; back in good ol' Asheville with her own vision. "An awareness of regional art that I felt wasn't getting its due and a need for a sense of belonging were the two main catalysts for creating thread," Erica explains.

Right now she is working on making the magazine sustainable while still working toward growing and better meeting her original goal to, which was to "build community and propagate local contemporary artists." The expenses of the magazine have been and continue to be the greatest hurdle. Erica refuses to sacrifice the quality of the magazine and continues to use very high quality paper and printing. Because of these high publishing costs she has had difficulty raising the money to produce the magazine as regularly as she would like. "I'm realizing that I can't do it alone. Sure on the creative end, the process is entirely collaborative, but the financing, it can't just be me anymore."

If you are interested in being involved with the magazine or helping out in any way you can email Erica at As a member of the Asheville art community I value this publication very much as do many other people in the community. I believe that Heather Knight of Element Gallery put it best when she said that Erica is "bringing together all these people who never would have met otherwise! [She's] the thread holding this community together!"

Photos of Erica Stepanian by Mike Belleme

Erica Stepanian
Erica on some stairs
Thread Magazine - Asheville Contemporary Art

About the Author / Photographer - Mike Belleme

Mike Belleme - Asheville Photography

Mike Belleme is a freelance photographer living in Asheville North Carolina. His work strives to invite the viewer into the lives of unique people. Through the stories shared by these individuals we may learn from their insights, mistakes, or ways of thinking.

Mike is experienced in many areas of photography work ranging from portrait to editorial to commercial table top photography and is available for local or travel assignments.

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