Carl Mumpower

Asheville City Council Member and Candidate for US Congress

Carl Mumpower

Carl Mumpower is one of the most controversial men in Asheville. The liberals give him a hard time because of his tough stance on drugs and illegal immigration, and many republicans have turned on him due to his statements against President Bush. Mumpower currently serves on the Asheville City Council, where until very recently he was the lone conservative amongst an ocean of liberals. Mumpower is a psychiatrist by trade and is also running for a position in the US Congress. Several months ago I met Carl while I was assisting on a video shoot for his commercial. I took a couple photos of him during the process and sent them to him. After a few days his campaign manager called me and asked if I would like to be the official photographer for Carl Mumpower’s Campaign for US Congress.

Being raised by a couple of bohemian liberals, I was a little bit hesitant to work for a conservative republican, but I agreed. Over the past several months I have spent a lot of time with Dr. Mumpower. I am not going to speak for or against his politics. I would however like to make some comments on his personality and character.

Carl Mumpower is not your average Joe Politician and that is what makes him interesting to me. He doesn’t play the game like everybody else seems to. Politicians know what the hot topics are and they know the safe side to be on to keep their party and the voters happy. Carl has a motto that goes “Principals before politics,” and I have never seen him stray from that. You may or may not agree with those principals but you have to agree that it is refreshing to find a politician who values something other than their position in the polls.

Carl has been very kind and generous to me during our time together and he has reminded me that you can’t judge a book by its cover. You can find out more about Dr. Mumpower and see more photos at

Photos of Carl Mumpower by Mike Belleme

Portrait of Carl Mumpower
Mumpower running on Wall Street in Asheville
Carl at the Church at his farm North of Asheville
Carl on his tractor
Carl outside his farm church
Carl moving a turtle from the road
Carl Mumpower getting a hair cut
Carl Mumpower for US Congress 2008
Carl on the 4th of July
Dr. Mumpower TV ad
Carl filming a TV commercial
Mumpower at a speaking engagement
The good Carl Mumpower
Controversial ICE raids article
Carl Mumpower at an event at the river
Carl Mumpower

About the Author / Photographer - Mike Belleme

Mike Belleme - Asheville Photography

Mike Belleme is a freelance photographer living in Asheville North Carolina. His work strives to invite the viewer into the lives of unique people. Through the stories shared by these individuals we may learn from their insights, mistakes, or ways of thinking.

Mike is experienced in many areas of photography work ranging from portrait to editorial to commercial table top photography and is available for local or travel assignments.

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