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Cactus - Musician with Asheville Based Hip Hop Group GFE

Cactus of GFE

He is a man of many names and many talents. His friends call him Cactus, he raps under the alias "Agent 23" and he has recently been making a splash in the kid's music scene with his "Kid-Hop" music as "Secret Agent 23 Skidoo."

Cactus has been making music since 1994. He started rapping with his friends who would later become the well-known Asheville band, GFE. Cactus is still traveling and recording with GFE regularly. The band recently finished recording a new album "Broken Time Machine" which is scheduled to be released this fall. As a whole, GFE has about fifteen records under their belt including four solo...
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Carl Mumpower - City Council Member and Candidate for US Congress

Carl Mumpower

Carl Mumpower is one of the most controversial men in Asheville. The liberals give him a hard time because of his tough stance on drugs and illegal immigration, and many republicans have turned on him due to his statements against President Bush. Mumpower currently serves on the Asheville City Council, where until very recently he was the lone conservative amongst an ocean of liberals. Mumpower is a psychiatrist by trade and is also running for a position in the US Congress. Several months ago I met Carl while I was assisting on a video shoot for his commercial. I took a couple photos of him during the...
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Erica Stepanian – Publisher of Thread Magazine

Erica Stepanian

Erica has been an art enthusiast since elementary school and has been involved in writing and journalism for many years. It is only natural that she would be the one to supply the much needed contemporary art magazine for the budding art community of Asheville, North Carolina. Thread Magazine recently released its second issue. Its pages, like the previous issue, are filled with outstanding art from some of Asheville's best up and coming artists.

Erica has lived all over the United States, Mexico, Spain and France and has...
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About the Author / Photographer - Mike Belleme

Mike Belleme - Asheville Photography

Mike Belleme is a freelance photographer living in Asheville North Carolina. His work strives to invite the viewer into the lives of unique people. Through the stories shared by these individuals we may learn from their insights, mistakes, or ways of thinking.

Mike is experienced in many areas of photography work ranging from portrait to editorial to commercial table top photography and is available for local or travel assignments.

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