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There are well over a hundred blogs in Asheville and Western North Carolina. These blogs range from personal diaries and art blogs, to photoblogs or political blogs. What they all have in common is that they are the voice of the people and therefore capture the pulse of the mountains.

Please enjoy the true voice of Asheville and its people.

Featured Blogs in Asheville and Western North Carolina

A Year in Asheville

A Year in Asheville

I'm originally from Chicago, but my heart has always been in the Highlands. My first visit to Asheville, North Carolina, was in 1990. Ever since, it has been my dream to live in this amazing city. This year that dream came true. To chronicle it, I've created A-Year-In-Asheville.

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Some have called it the Paris of the South. The Sedona of the Southern Highlands. An island in a sea of insanity. It is what you make it. And almost everyone agrees that it's a great place to live. I hope this little blog can reflect some of what goes on in our little corner of the world.

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Asheville Beer Blog

Asheville Beer Blog

A place for beer drinkers of Asheville and western North Carolina to exchange news and share their opinions about anything to do with beer.

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Blog Asheville

The hub for WNC blogs and bloggers. All area bloggers are welcome to contribute posts to the front page. Email to be added to the blogroll or to request posting privileges.

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Political news and commentary from a liberal perspective.

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Bruisin’ Ales Beer Blog

Bruisin' Ales Beer Blog

Active beer and brewing blog from the owners of Bruisin’ Ales, downtown Asheville’s beer store.

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Edgy Mama

Edgy Mama

Hi there! I created Edgy Mama in 2005 while attempting to resurrect my writing career, which had suffered from grievous neglect while I was birthing babies. The blog helped me rediscover my writing edge. Now I’m a fairly successful freelance writer, columnist, photographer and blogga. I do write about kids and parenting here. But also I dish about beer, chocolate, writing, books, climate change, mad squirrels, my Dorkie Poo mutt, Biscuit, and my two marmalade cats, Rocky and Houdini.

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Hangover Journals

The Hangover Journals

Post hippie, post punk, post the fun years, but still striving for perpetually adolescent party girl nirvana despite being laden with two kids (okay one's grown but she moved back home) and assorted animals and deepest poverty.

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Hillbilly Savants

Hillbilly Savants

This blog is about our Appalachia - the real one, not the Hollywood-stereotype nor the third-world nation-esque stereotype being sold by do-gooders, or even the neo-Romantic sylvan stereotype that Rousseau would probably buy into.

It should be interesting.

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My Weaverville

My Weaverville is a website devoted to what’s happening only in Weaverville, North Carolina. Whether it’s a sale at your favorite Weaverville store, an arts festival on Main Street, or a fundraiser for a local organization, is here to let you know about it.

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She Who Eats

She Who Eats

When I die, the thing I will miss the most is going out to eat. I spend most of my days trying to avoid eating out every single meal. My dream in life is to create a sushi roll named after myself…

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Scrutiny Hooligans

Scrutiny Hooligans

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."
-- Samuel Adams

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Where's the Outrage?

Where is the Outrage?

Thoughtful, intelligent, progressive political discussion from a man outraged over the Bush Administration.

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Alphabetical Blogroll for Asheville and Western North Carolina

The following list contains blogs covering a variety of topics related to Asheville and Western North Carolina, and also contains some niche topic blogs published by bloggers residing in this area.

a mUSE yourself Everyday Ramblings, Side Walk Chatter
A Sort of Notebook Writing, Running, Books, etc
A Year in Asheville Photo Diary
An Urban Plot Urban Farming
Appalachian Scribe The Influence of Blogs on American Government
Arratik Diary and Writings
Artful Parent The Intersection of Art and Parenting
Around Asheville Informational About Asheville
AshVegas News, Area Information, and the Occasional Rant
Asheville Beer Blog
Asheville GOP P.15 Republican Party Information
Asheville Music Scene Asheville Music Scene - Enough Said
Asheville North Carolina Blog Blog of
Asheville on the Ground Local Commentary from a Pedestrian, Bicyclist, and Free-roaming Thinker
Asheville Real Estate Voice Market Stats, Community Info & Everything else Home Owners Need to Know
Awakening to the Dance A blog about life and spirituality.
AGirlWhoWearsGlasses Sarcastic, Humerous Diary of a Girl With Glasses
Back Forty
Beyond Meds A Journey off of Medications and a Look at Alternative Mental Health Care
Biltmore Farms Hotels
Eye on Asheville
Upcoming events in the Asheville area.
Bird on the Moon Life and Spirituality
BlueRidgeBlueCollar Girl Naturalist Writings
Blue Ridge Blog
Blue Ridge Parkway Daily daily landscape images and Blue Ride Parkway information.
Blue Ridge Dreams Teacher's Journal of Blue Ridge Living, Dreaming
Bothwell's Blog Reflection on the Submerging Culture
Brady Hislop Imagery
Bruisin' Ales Beer Blog
Call Me Lightening Photojournal
Carolina Mornings
Carolina Mountain Dog Pets
Charm of the Highway Strip
Chasing the Bread Truck
Chicken Inwind/Hillfoot Adrift Ramblings of a Chicken Hill Inhabitant
Color Hunter Blog ExploreAsheville's Blog
Cozy Blue
Christine Kane's Blog
Cranky Pants Blog
Dancewater Political Writings
Daily Growl
Dark Topography
Debi Drecksler Uplifting, Intelligent, Educating Writings of a Jewish Mother
Dirty Greek Personal Blog with Daily Links
Don't Even Go There A Travel Blog from the Twisted Minds of Mark Bloom & Jason Scholder
Easy Bake Coven Political Satire
eatbees blog
Edgy Mama Parenting Advice and Commentary
Ephemera Exploring the World of Old Paper
Et in Arcadia ego Asheville Politics and More
Flypaper of the Mind Ramblings, Thoughts and Brilliant Ideas
Gaia's Tears
George The Bastard Local Comedy Commentary
Girl Named Boo Diary and Random Writings
GISMemories Info on Geographic Information Systems and More
Go Graham Go
Goodnight Asheville Asheville Night Photography
Hangover Journals Diary and Writings
Hazen Hunter Blog Photography and Art
Hendersonville Epicurean Hendersonville Restaurant Reviews
Healthy Concepts Health Help Including Recipes, Ideas and Encouragement
Hillbilly Savants About our Appalachia - The Real One
Hillbilly White Trash Commentary on Politics and Much More
How To Take a Fall Diary and Writings
Idea Power Business Consulting, Problem Solving
Jennifer Saylor Freelance Writing
JJ Bigpaws Info About Local T-shirt Shop, JJ Pigpaws
Junto Discussing the Ideas and Topics of the Day
Lavender Log General Commentary
Life in the Hood A humor blog about parenting complete with a weekly installment of bad advice.
Liminal Screeds
Local Beer Blog One guy's journey through the world of craft beer.
Lowell Allen's Serial Photo Photography
Makoviney Personal Site of Don Makoviney
Michele Williams Photography Local Contrast uses photo essays to compare life in Asheville with life in rural Yancey County.
Mister Sugar
Modern Peasant
Moon Meadow Farm Farming and Mountain Life
MotherTrucker Commentary from a Truck Driver Turned Author
Mount Dungeon Asheville Music Television
Mountain Circus Arts Festivals and Events
Mtn Express Blog(s) Asheville's Alternative Newsweekly
Mountain Mama Diary About Parenting and Life
My Life in Cake About Cake, Making Cake and Other People Making Cake
My Weaverville What’s Happening in Weaverville, North Carolina
Nice Marmot
Nothing to Do Here Comments on News and Appalachian Culture
Outside Clyde Gardening, Mountain Living and Beautiful Photography
Pancho's Via Diary and Writings
Patreecia Spauldings Blog Green Building
Petulant Rumblings Broad Social Commentary
Pleasure Saucer
Port Asheville Links and Information
Ptak Science Books History
Randallt Politics, Science, Art and More
Raphael Doxos Religious Commentary
Realestate in Asheville Real Estate and Green Building
Restless Mama Parenting and Life
Revenge of the Word Nerd Diary and Writings
Running Gags Commentary on Running, Food and More
Scrutiny Hooligans Local and National Political Commentary
She Who Eats Food and Dining Commentary
Skippy Haha
Slumdoglake Updated daily on politics, culture, Asheville, & anything that makes me laugh.
So Much For Tact Commentary on Music and More
Sophie Seriously Advice and Commentary
Sounds Pretty Music Commentary
Spicy Elf Commentary of Writings
Stitch and Bitch Crafts and Rants
Stoplight Haiku Poetry
stupidmommy Parenting and Life
The Ashevillein Local Commentary and Photography
The Asheville Janes Diary and Writings
The Asheville Music Gallery Music Photography
The Avant Garden Gardening, Nature and Art
The Grey Coats Religious Commentary
The Mills River Progressive Progressive Political Discussion
The Oxymorons Improv Comedy
The War In Context Liberal Political Commentary
Thought Patterns Ramblings of an Insane Lesbian Book Writing Crip
3 Cats and a Baby Diary and Writings
Thunder Pig Conservative Political Commentary
1000 Black Lines Poems, Essays and Writing
Tingle Alley Random Writings
Through the Fears Contemporary Art
Trapdoor to Dinosaur Pit Photography and Art
Tuesday's Frog Wedding, Portrait and Baby Photographer
Pokey Sticks and Politics Commentary on Life and Politics
Unofficially Asheville Life and Music in Asheville
Undercover Blue Liberal Political Commentary
URTV Forums A Meeting Place for Producers and Fans of URTV / Channel 20
View from Abnormal Heights Diary and Commentary
WNCSOS Land Development
What the Hell? Diary and Writings
Where's the Outrage? Progressive Political Discussion
WNCOutdoors Hiking and Mountain Biking
Zenography Photography and Life
Zenscription Diary and Writings

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